I’m a creative, professional, organized and very lively person. I’m also always eager to learn more.

My professional experience has grown over the years, having worked on two design studios at Porto, Portugal, for four years.

My personal pursuit to keep learning more and more, allied with a desire to see what was out there ‘in the world’, made me suspend my professional career temporarily and take off to London, attending several specialization classes at Central St. Martins.

This London experience was an eye opener, not only because it allowed me to meet and work with various designers, from different backgrounds and nationalities, but also for the chance it gave me to visit several amazing studios and watch, first hand, their work and practices.

Returning to Portugal, I jumped into another international opportunity. I crossed half the world, to work for six months as a graphic designer at Cisco Systems in San Francisco, California. Here, I found myself joining a multinational team, working in a international company with vast markets and different points of view.

Back from San Francisco, I joined a Portuguese company that offered me a new experience and a new continent: Angola.

As it has been a constant along my professional career, I’m always looking for new challenges and experiences to improve my learning curiosity.

I would love to hear from you